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  1. I see you are collecting possible names for the eyases on the facebook page…. I’d like the name Maverick to be considered. He was a great tiercel, and it seems the success of his children, and grandchildren proves it. Also, Mystic is his granddaughter, so these eyases carry some of Maverick’s great genetic heritage. This is just a thought, I will not mind if people disagree….

      • I also like Priscilla…Mystic’s Grandmother…although a unbanded female (till she was caught and banded with a USFW band) she was a major contributer and such a beauty….

        • Yes,I was thinking about that too. As “in your face” as her daughters are, they would have had to inherited that from somewhere… Did you see my post from CPF where a juvie was pestering Caspian and Storm, and she was quickly, abruptly escorted out? It may have been their niece, Lucky Seven!

  2. This is my wish: 1. Sound… 2. A cam that doesn’t go black with a little arrow in the middle, just when it gets interesting. This is my wish.

    • I know, it is frustrating when the cam stops all the sudden. But at least we dont have commercial interruptions, like Rochester…..

      • If you donate to Rochester you don’t have commercial interruptions do you? I know Ustream doesn’t if you donate to them. I donate here and I still don’t have it uninterrupted. But I really would like sound.

  3. Do Diamond and Caspian count as “Canton-hatched”? I forgot all about McKinley (shame on me!) And I had read about Dipper, but forgot…. Ill bet there are Few nest box sites that have raised more than Canton has…..

    • Yes Susan! 🙂
      Diamond hatched 2009 and Caspian hatched 2008.
      Both are offspring of Mav and Priscilla!
      Sorry about Diamond being in the comment section…one wrong keystoke and it is done…LOL…

      • BTW…The banded male that was here early 2012… late winter..(JoJo) was Dipper’s son….Mystic’s cousin..
        I find it interesting that tracing back in the family tree on Midwest Peregine Database one finds how region oriented many descendents can be…and then there are some that really move out far!

  4. If you were to give Mo a human voice, whose would it be? He was feeding some impatient eyases, and I imagined him saying “Now hold on, you kids!” in a Jack Nicholson voice……

  5. The banding is scheduled for Thursday May 16th at 10:00 AM. Please call the Canton Club for reservations.

  6. That’s Mo at the nestbox at 8:06, isn’t it? Poor guy- one of those wind gusts almost knocked him off his perch!

  7. I think this is the greatest thing ever. Always look forward to this time of year. Fun to watch and read the emails from everyone. Sound sure would be nice

  8. Ive called and left a message, and sent an email also (today)- but haven’t heard back yet….
    These little guys are SO CUTE! 🙂

        • The banding is done on the 14th floor, but the elevator only goes to the 12th floor. You then can either take a small elevator to 14th floor or walk up the stairs to the 14th floor. Elevators generally don’t stop at the 13th floor.

    • Yes…. It was! During these busy times, it is more than nice to have a breathtaking part of nature in our area, that not to long ago, almost ceased to exist!!

  9. Just a thought on the Perry Juvies, they can look that up, I hope that someone shows them the photos and comments on BCAW and Facebook. They were a great group of young adults. Many of them are in the photos and I hope they get to enjoy them. They were a tremendous group and should be complimented on their demeanor. Way to go everyone.

  10. HA! Sure sign that the chicks are growing, and getting rambunctious – Mystic is taking time out by sitting on the nestbox roof!!

  11. Poor Mystic – Shes on the lip of the nestbox, looking in at her juvies, one is looking up at her adoringly, and another comes over and starts nibbling on her toes!!!

    • When she did that, she had just soared over to the box, from the antennae on the court building! After she left the box, She went back over and knocked Maurice off the antennae to try to get him o hunt! Now we know why!! Thanks for the report Susan!!

  12. The juvies are getting a bedtime snack from mom…All lined up and very orderly. I wonder how long that will last….

  13. Did anyone happen to watch the 11:00 news on Clevelands CBS affiliate? When the weather man went to the sky cam, There was a large bird roosting on the cam. He said it was a falcon , but I don’t think it was a peregrine. Just wondered if anyone saw it….

  14. The boys aren’t very active today- theyre all huddled together. An adult is on the roof, with its tail hanging over the side of the nest box. Im assuming Mystic, but maybe Mo?

  15. As many have allready found out through the various forums and FB’s… Maurice was found Thursday the 25th near the Canton Club and was taken to Medina Raptor Center for evaluation of what may be wrong wth him….Lets hope the Young Male we ALL have grown to love, will be alright!!!!!

  16. FYI – This afternoon when I visited the nest box, one of the boys not only came out on the porch, he jumped up and sat on the LIP of the porch for a bit…. How soon did you say fledge week was? :-0

  17. Would be nice now if the camera was in such a position to be able to show more of the ledge area as that is where most will be taking place nowadays.

    • Just saw them from the top of the parking deck. Two were one the porch while Mystic was on a red and white pole on another building.

      • Thanks, Shawna! Im glad to hear that no one was perched on the lip of the porch like I saw Sunday! I about had a heart attack!!!!!

  18. Hi Admin – Could we have some stills from May? Id like to see some from after they were banded, too, so I could try to match a personality to a particular band…

  19. It is 10:45 P.M., June 2nd. and there are no falcons in the next box. Just
    wondering if anyone has seen them today. I have checked several times and
    each time neither Mystic nor the chicks were there.

    • Two of the boys fledged today…the other two are outside the box…onthe ledge/gutter…We posted pics on the facebok page and Bird Cams Around the World thread…Links for both are on under the camera screen…scroll down and click on the links….anton Falocns Facebook is public…you do not need to join to see it.

  20. About the request on Facebook for someone to look through stills…. Has anyone already been looking through some? If not, I can say I looked at June 3rd stills, with no falcons in the nest box. Please let me (us) know if some days have already been looked at……

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