2015 Season

For those who have donated in the past Thank you very much.

If you would like to donate to offset some of the costs of providing this service.
Please consider sending a donation to CMH Electronics via either of these payment services:

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11 thoughts on “2015 Season

  1. Good morning, Sharon -thanks for checking in on Mystic and Mo, and four eggs! This is kind of a slow time – mostly the adults sitting on the eggs, keeping them warm….. Keep an eye on the nest, tho, because later on this month they will begin to hatch. Then the fun begins!! Chad and Cheryl, peregrine watchers, started a facebook page for Mystic and Mo. See the link below – the last one? Check there for news, pictures, or to ask questions! We appreciate your interest!

  2. If it is so costly to keep the camera feed of the falcons streaming, why keep it running long after the juvies have fledged? I think it would be better to shut it off during the Summer to Winter months saving money for the Spring event. Seems pointless to tell viewers that the camera will be shut off if no one donates.

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