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  1. So…Can we get an idea of what to expect of the cam and stills? A banner on the page saying off for the season…or perhaps an explaination of some sort from Somebody here?????

    • I presume someone unplugged the camera for the season. Not sure what the issue is with the stills, all the stills are on the server, I would be nice to prune the number of stills I would not be surprised at all if the number of stills exceeded 120,000. Somehow we need go through and delete 95% to 98% images. I do not have the time to deal with it. For those few people that have donated I wish to thank you very much.

  2. Hi Admin- We are kinda hanging here… Could you let us know what’s up? Plans or problems? We are all in this together in support of Canton’s falcons….

  3. Hey you guys… I thought I’d let ya all know that I’ve seen Mo very often during my errands over last couple weeks! Also in the past I used to see Maverick every day during my errands… he loved hunting in the SW Navare and Southway area. My family got see both Maverick and Mystic only a couple weeks before his unfortunate death. They like haning around the monument parks. Mo likes hunting over there, before his accident he could be seen every day between Canton McKinley high school and Mercy scaring up birds there and thruout the parks. I’d see him every time I took lunch to my husband on high 77 going south right above the graveyard next to Mercy. After he was realeased it has taken a few weeks for him to start returning to his old huntng grounds. But he’s now coming back to them! I saw him 4 times day before yesterday! He’s back to hunting over by Walmart on Tusc west. Me and my daughter saw him up close there at Christmas time last year and back then he did have his adult feathers! It was really cool he was next to the Get n Go chasing a bird…when he caught it he flew back downtown that morning. Our cell phnoes pics of him were too pixelated to try to post. Yesterday I saw the best sight yet while I was looking up in the Fisher’s on Harrison lot…. All 4 perrigrenes were soaring together!! They were above the entrance on Tusc to the parks!!! Then Mo headed off to the west to hunt. So for all you guys wondering about MO….He is still Here! And yes he did stay here thru the winter as well…. S….Happy Summer All!

    • WOW !! Thank you So Much for that information, jj !! We need more people like you to let us know when you see any of Canton’s falcons! Please stop in here any time, and post what you have seen. I appreciate it so much !!! 🙂

    • Thanks for the info! We’ve suspected he hangs at McKinley for quite some time now….Got him on camera downtown Saturday evening (6/29/13)…
      posted the pics on Canton’s Peregrine Falcons Facebook for everyone to see!! It’s public…You do not have to have to join facebook to view the pictures….Enjoy!!! 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/CantonsPeregrineFalcons

  4. Hi – Canadian Peregrine Foundation’s site makes mention of the Niagra Falls nest (Diamond, daughter of Pricilla and Maverick) . Thought maybe you’d want to include it on the facebook page…. It has pictures attached.

  5. I was looking at some of the stills from May 29, 2013, and got an idea for what to put on the facebook page during the “off” season. How about each week a favorite picture from this years nest is posted, with a brief description… I, for instance took an extra long gaze at Mystic(?) by herself in the nest box watching the babies run around on the porch (out of camera range) at 10:07:45 on May 29, and also at 10:09:45… Also that same day, one of the babies is perched on the lip of the box, with his funky feathers making him look like one of Cheryl’s punk rockers at 10:19:46… They make Me smile, anyway…

  6. Hi- Canadian Peregrine Foundation has 2 entries for the peregrines at the Holcim site in Canada. That would be Caspian, who fledged from Canton Oh. and her mate Storm. Would you want to include the info on the facebook page?

  7. I must say I absolutely LOVE the picture of Mystic at the top of the facebook page!!! What a gal !! By the way, jjlmnemo, have you seen Mystic or Mo much lately?

  8. Today Kate St. John is celebrating her 2,000th post ! She invited her readers to “search” her blog for past posts that contain information we would be interested in. I typed in “Canton, OH. peregrines” and 5 articles came up about MO, MAGNUM, and STORM, alias Val……Check it out on her Outside My Window site.

  9. AAAHHH! A newly painted and renovated box for Mystic and Mo, as per C&C on the CMNH forum….. Now if someone could please explain what is going on with the cam…..?

    • Canton’s Facebook Page has been eliminated with no annoucements… contact Canton Audobon Society for answers or questions… The Canton Falcon FB page was a page of C.A.S.
      Susan… This camera page has not been updated since spring (see note on picture)… don’t hold your breath!!! Everyone is too busy to keep up with what was started.

      • Chad, I see the facebook page is back up (yay) ! I did send an email to Mr. Dolan this a.m., saying I am relieved the page is back up and I appreciate the support the Canton Audobon Society lends to it….

        • Thank You Susan! It had to have come back? (however that happens) around 6pm.. When I first tried it at 11 am it was gone… Not sure yet how a page FB page just disappears entirely….

  10. Hope that someone tests the camera with the new paint…(on a sunny day)…It may need adjusted if the sun makes reflected glare…Wont be able to adjust it when M&M begine nesting in 5 months…
    On the “bright side” we should be able to see the incubation process and the little ones much better with the lighter interior!!!

  11. If any of you yearn to watch falcons as they come and go, check out the Ft. Wayne, Indiana falcon cam. Mystic’s daughter, Moxie, and mate, Jamie live there and appear on the cam fairly often. It is a “refresh” cam, meaning it takes a picture every 14 seconds, but it is fun watching Canton’s Moxie at her new home. I would be so pleased if we could have a refresh cam here during the off season… By the way, you can see many cams that are still running at this site : Bird Cams Around the World.

  12. Admin,
    Any suggestions for viewing the camera on ipad’s and phone’s? Two people I know are having trouble this year. They were able to get last year… Thank You!

    • Right now I am using the free plan for the video streaming. In order to be able to stream to mobile devices it requires me to upgrade to their Premium plan (supports 200 users with a off peak time of 1000 users) which costs an additional $30.00/month. Currently I am receiving $0.00 for hosting the site & maintaining it. For the amount of time & computer resources that it takes I would like to see community be able to help out ($60 – $100/month) with some of the expenses. So far this year $10.00 has been donated. Last year I think the total was less than $120. I do appreciate everyone that has made a donation & you know who you are, Thank you. I wish I could do more, but at this point in time I need help to offset some of the expenses.

  13. Sorry for not posting for some time. Our family has seen Mo and Mystic very often here in the SW end of Canton. Yesterday(March 15th) at 5PM exactly MO was flying down West Tusc over by Walmart. It was definitely him again, he was going for the “dream” seagull once more! That peregrine has a dream I swear. LOL He will catch one yet I say. Also we have seen him coming over to our neighborhood frequently to hunt, my daughter has watched him scaring our birds and flying aerobatically out her window. We’ve seen either Mystic or Mo flying over here in the SW around the Harrison Ave/9th street area a lot this spring. We also saw MO flying over by the Tusc/77 overpass heading towards Walmart on Tusc last week sometime. Hope you guys enjoy this info.

  14. Hello Admin, I’d like to donate toward the upkeep of the cam. You may remember that last year, my husband did not want me to donate using any source of credit card exchange. You allowed me to donate another way, but I have forgotten how we did it… Please refresh my memory… Thankyou, Susan

    • If you wish to send a check make it payable to:
      CMH Electronics
      134 Hillcrest Ave NW
      North Canton, OH 44720
      Memo: Canton Falcon web site

      With your donation you will receive a password to access the Canton Falcon webcam from your mobile device.

      Thank you for your support.

      • I made a donation for the Falcon cam by PayPal this week and I haven”t received any password for viewing on my mobile devices? Could someone please email me that information? I really enjoy watching the Falcons and tonight just happened to turn my computer on to see the egg drop.
        Thank you for offering this service.

        • Cindy,
          Thank you very much for your donation.
          I sent you a thank you email with the password on 3/17/14 9:52am
          I just forwarded the email to you again, it will be from an email address @northcanton.us please check your Spam folder.


  15. Is there someone out there that would be interested in helping to cleanup the still picture repository (to delete all the empty nest pictures)? Currently the camera is sending approx 720 pictures a day to the server. It will take about 10 minutes to clean up each day. You will need to know how to use a FTP client such as FileZilla & having a large monitor or two will speed the process. Please contact me directly if you are interested at cantonfalcon.stilleditor@northcanton.us

  16. Mystic left the nest/box before 4:00 pm on Saturday (March 22) & we haven’t seen her back yet! Granted we haven’t been watching non-stop, but we’re a little concerned. Anybody know anything about length of hunting time/off nest time? Thanks!

  17. Okay…I have posted before….I posted on facebook thru my husband’s facebook name…. anyway I guess I will tell you guys what me and my brother saw while on my errands 2 years ago. 2 years ago we saw all the peregrine fights for territory not long after Maverick died. There were 2 peregrines fighting over at the intersection of Raff Rd SW and Gambrinus(beside the McDonald’s there by the railroad tracks) The 2 perrigrines kept flying in circles going downwad at each other slowly. They would go up somewhat high then spiral down at each other slowly over and over again. I’m guessing one of them was “JO JO” …as they were both ADULT falcons not juveniles. The other one we do not know who they were. But now for the sad part….the day you guys saw MO appear on cam was the day this happened. As we watched while sitting in the BK drivethru we saw what happened….they both were spiraling down towards the railroad tracks…out of sight down to the tracks themselves…. A train came!!!! We heard it coming…tracks were going off….bars down on Raff….the 2 birds went flying down in front of that train!!! ONLY ONE flew away and he headed off straight North away from us…till he disappeared. The one that went down and the train most likely either injured or killed we think was “JO JO” He may have been pushed along on front of that train…. he was never seen again from that day forward…. I was too depressed and sad seeing that happen… and have never gone by those tracks to look for any tags for the bird… I’m sorry I have not come forward sooner to tell you guys….but now I think you should know what happened to him…. if he still has not shown up anywhere else….this is what happened to Jo Jo…. sorry guys….

  18. Hi Admin, Having the mobile device video on my I-phone is so awesome! Im so glad you were able to arrange for it! The video app is easy to find, and to use. It’s well worth the small donation I sent in to be able to see Mystic and Mo anytime. Thanks!

    • I am not aware of any issues at this time. There was a network issue affecting the US on Saturday 4/26. I am able to view it just fine on my computer & my mobile device (Android) just fine. Currently there about 20 people viewing the camera, yesterday I observed over 30 people. Can you provide more details? Are you having trouble from your desktop, laptop, phone, iPad? A password is required for mobile devices which is granted for anyone that wishes to make a donation, so far only 6 people have stepped up to the plate to support the webcam. I wish to thank them for their support.

  19. We have a steady drizzle going on now in Canton. Somebody is on the porch just out of cam range taking a nice bath in the rain…. Every now and then I see a glimpse of a white breast, or a dark wing feather as they enjoy a nice preen.. I don’t suppose the cam swivels….. It would be fun even just to see a part of the porch visitors. ( I started watching around 10:12am)

  20. Hi Admin! Thanks for allowing the cam to run…. We are hoping that once Mystic and Mo have finished their molting that they will begin bonding more… And it would be wonderful if we caught a bow and chup session on the cam!!!

  21. Is the cam shut down? I have been trying to watch it for a couple of months now but all I get to see is a little circle with a diagonal through it.
    I use my laptop with Windows8.1 and tried it in Chrome, Firefox and IE, all three browser give the same result (no cam images).

    • The camera is now back on-line. Please consider donating what you can to help with the cost of providing the live video streaming.

      • Thankyou so much, Admin! We appreciate it very, very much. Yes, I will be sending in a donation towards the cam . Thanks again – Susan

  22. Hi Admin, Guess What! I just saw Mystic and Mo doing some bonding in the nestbox! Pretty please could you turn the main cam on? Everyone has missed our favorite falcons! Thank you very much!!

  23. Me again, Admin… Any way you could remove the 2014 comments so we could start fresh with just 2015 comments? Just thought I’d ask….. Thanks, Susan

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